Tennant 1200強力地毯清洗機

The Model 1200 4-gallon (15 L) carpet extractor is built with many innovative features and has a new, sleek design. Features include a folding handle design with multiple positions for operator comfort, trigger grips for solution dispersal and the industry's first combined pump and brush motor which reduces plumbing fixtures for a compact size and lighter weight. The Model 1200 weighs only 55 lbs., is simple to operate, and easy to maintain. It features a floating brush head design that requires no manual adjustment and is built with two spray jets that evenly dispense solution and require no tools to remove. Comes equipped with a removable 4-gallon recovery tank which eases emptying. The compact Model 1200 extractor covers a 13 inch (33 cm) cleaning path and is ideal for cleaning small and medium size areas. It also works great on upholstery with the use of the optional upholstery cleaning tool.


 清洗寬度: 27.3公分/10.75”

 滾刷馬達: 120vcd , 0.1Hp,75Ah,90W, 1800 Rpm


  平均每小時清洗面積: 130平方公尺


 清水槽容量: 4Gal/15公升             

 污水槽容量: 4Gal/15公升            

 水幫浦 :120VDC, 4.5bar

  吸水馬達:120VDC, 1.5Hp,9.1Ah, 1092W.


 機器長度: 53.3公分

 機器寬度: 33公分        

機器高度: 74.9公分 

  機器重量: 27公斤



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