1240 Tennant 自動洗地毯機Self-Contained Extractors

The sleek new design of the Model 1240 and 1260 extractors (available in 120V only) is more than just looks. The brush deck has been redesigned to ensure uniform delivery of the cleaning solution across the cleaning path, and incorporates a new brush that allows for just the right amount of agitation to remove tough soil without causing damage. An all new on-board brush meter allows the operator to set and monitor optimal brush height setting. These extractor's feature wide 16 and 20 in (41 and 51 cm) cleaning paths respectively as well as patented 10 gal / 38 L expandable solution tanks and 14.5 gal /55 L recovery tanks that allow the user to clean large carpeted areas productively.
清洗寬度 16"~20"(41~51公分
清水槽容量 10Gal  38公升
污水槽容量 14.5Gal 55公升



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