PK85 polish Powder can be used for polishing processing and regular maintenance of various marble. It can make the marble surface bright and shining and can enable the marble surface harder and more wearable. There will be no damage to the stone after long use.


產品優點:Easy to Apply - Economic - It will not influence the air conductivity of the stone and will not change the natural - color and luster of the stone.方便適用 - 經濟 - 重要的是它不會影響石材的透,也不會改變自然 材質- 更不會改變石材顏色和光澤

拋光粉使用方法:1表面必須確實清潔,乾燥。確保所有的蠟地板面漆或其它塗層已去除。 2.拋光粉清水混合於1比5在將拋光粉混合物施放石材表面 3.採用50公斤重量以上轉數約180~250轉研磨機白色或紅色拋光墊(菜瓜布) 4.在大理石表面拋光左右移動拋光第一個左右移動,然後上下移動波蘭,直到地面變得光滑,有光澤每個操作佔地面積約3〜5平方米。畫完一個亮麗的晶被認為是對石材表面糕點物質擦拭下一個工作區只加入一點點的結晶粉繼續打磨。重複這樣拋光,直到大量的氣泡被認為在地板上,與水取樣機吸納他們然後添加新的結晶粉末,並通過使用上述方法進行操作。 6。重複上述方法實現了有光澤的效果 7.Clean地板清水1.Surface must be clean and dry. Make sure all waxes ,floor finish or other coating are removed. 2.Mix the polishing powder with the clear water. In the proportion of 1 to 2 to a viscous mixture before applying it to the stone surface. 3.Put a white or red polishing pad under the polishing machine. 4.Move the polishing machine onto the surface, first move left and right then move up and down. Polish until the floor becomes glossy and lustrous. Each operation covers about 3~5 square meters. 5.After a bright crystallizing surface is seen on the stone surface, scrape the pastry substance to the next operating area with a wipe. Continue to polish by adding only a bit of new crystallizing powder. Repeat such polishing till a lot of bubbles are seen on the floor and absorb them with a water sampling machine. Then, add new crystallizing powder again and operate by using the foregoing method. 6.Repeat the above method to achieve a more crystalline and shiny effect. 7.Clean the floor with clear water and




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